In 2001 we brought ourselves a small holding in rural Normandy with the view to living a more self sufficient life style and a future life style change.


When our family and friends saw the first photographs we took, they thought we were barking mad and would never do all the work needed to make a home let alone a business. But we had fallen in love with the place and could see the huge potential.


We knew that if we ignored the 4ft high grass, old machinery, oil drums and ramshackle buildings, behind it all was a beautiful landscapes of old stone cottages and barns, albeit in serious need of whole heap of TLC.


We gave it just that………We have lived here now for 4 years and after a lot of blood sweat and tears we believe that we have managed to achieve the first part of our dream which is to share it with you. Le Champ Sous le Bois translated into English means the field beneath the wood, sits within a valley surrounded by forests and old 17th century stone cottages.


It is considered by the French to be an area of natural beauty which we know to be true.


When we take our dogs on long walks through the forests and rolling hills and have regular sightings of deer, birds of prey, wood-peckers and on occasions wild boar. So if your interests lie in wildlife, country walks, beautiful sunsets and total peace and tranquility then this is definitely the place for you. Le Champ Sous le Bois has it all in abundance